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Find out what's in your water

Find out more about your water with a free water quality test from Eastern Water Treatment. To properly assist you we need information about your current water situation and any problems you may be experiencing.


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1.    Are you concerned about the growing number of reports on water quality?

Yes No

2.    In which appliances do you experience scale build up?

Shower heads
Washing machine
Water heaters
Other (please specify)   

3.    How do you rate the quality of your water?

4.    Are you using any methods to improve the quality of your tap water?

Full treatment system
Water softner
Jug filter
Magnetic de-scaler
Other (please specify)   

5.    Do you own or rent your home?

Yes No

6.    How long have you lived at your property?

7.    Which of the following have you experienced?

Chlorine smell
Other (please specify)   

8.    When was your water last tested and by whom?

9.    How many litres of bottled water do you buy per week?

10.    Number of persons living in house?


11.    Please identify your age bracket:

Please provide the following contact information:

Street Address
Address (cont.)
Postal Code
Work Phone
Home Phone


This is a FREE test carried out by Eastern Water Treatment Ltd. on behalf of RainSoft and the Water Quality Association. We will contact you to discuss your views on water quality for our research and we may offer further water tests in your home. There would be NO OBLIGATION to purchase anything & our representative will NOT mention our products unless you first ask him/her to.

Please note your information will not be retained for any other purpose.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Eastern Water Treatment Ltd., RainSoft and the Water Quality Association have no connection whatsoever with your local privatised water supplier. If you have any queries click here to contact us.


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