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Because the water that you use from a RainSoft system is pure, due to it's high quality filtering, you only need to use very little soap, washing powder, detergent, shampoo and other cleaning and washing products. We supply Pure & Gentle specially formulated cleaning/washing products for your entire household, which are suited to the pure water supplied by the RainSoft water treatment system.

Keeping the world beautiful naturally

For over twenty years Pure & Gentle has been showing people all over the world the advantages of using environmentally safe soaps and detergents. Soaps, shampoos and detergents that are available retail must have polluting chemicals such as phosphates added to them to counteract the problems of hard water. This process adds cost and dilutes the cleaning of the product.

All Pure & Gentle soap products are made from natural ingredients and are specially formulated for RainSoft water. Chemical agents such as phosphates, dyes and nitrates, are removed from our products and are replaced with extra performance ingredients. Pure & Gentle products consistently outperform leading national branded products.

Pure & Gentle Soap Company is committed to the environment by formulating 100% biodegradable, dye and phosphate free products. No animal testing is performed on any Pure & Gentle product. Pure & Gentle takes great pride in making it's products as gentle as any product on the market today and can ensure that they are hypo-allergenic and safe to use by the whole family.


Pure & Gentle and RainSoft at work in your home

To illustrate how Pure & Gentle soaps when used with RainSoft water can save you time and money, use the house diagram below and roll your mouse pointer over each of the rooms to see the benefits it will have on your household chores and your shopping bill! If you require more information on Pure & Gentle soap products, please contact us to find out more on their benefits and how to order them.



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