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Bringing better quality water to your business

Eastern Water Treatment Ltd are the official UK distributors of RainSoft water treatment systems and European distributors of Pure & Gentle soap products. Both of which are designed to improve the quality of service to your customers whilst dramatically cutting your costs and improving profit.


If you have a treatment system in your home, then you will be well aware of the benefits it would bring to your business, that is of course if you have purchased a quality system. Unfortunately the majority of treatment systems sold in this country to date have been of a questionable standard. This is reflected in the manufacturers faith in its own product and its distributors after sales service. There is only one manufacturer on the market at present that has enough faith in these to back their product up with a life time warranty...RAINSOFT. All other manufacturers or distributors offer warrantees ranging from 1 to 5 years. If however you have not experienced the luxurious qualities and economic benefits of a quality water treatment system then you will find this very interesting.

Please follow the link above to find out how RainSoft teamed up with NFL Jacksonville Jaguars to produce a winning combination.



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